About Riley
Hi! My name is Riley Flanagan and I have been in Grand County for 5 years. I have 2 dogs with my fiancee, Ross Kalsow, and we own a house in Granby. We both work at East Grand Middle School, where I am the School Social Worker, and he is the 7th grade social studies teacher.

I’m originally from Florida, got my undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia in Psychology, and moved to Colorado in 2015. I worked in a residential treatment facility for teenage girls and moms for 3 years, and went back to school to get my Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver at this time. My internships were in schools during my 2 year program, and I knew I wanted to stay in schools for my career. I got the job at East Grand in 2018, and have been here since!

On weekends and during the summer, I am outdoors as much as possible. I ski, go on walks with the dogs, hike and camp, and get on the river! I also work a lot at my second job, a little antique shop in Grand Lake called Humphrey’s, which is so fun!

I love being in the county, and am excited for the opportunity to help out in any way I can.

I have worked in collaboration with MFC for 5 years now, and I appreciate the organization’s mission and dedication to the families that they serve.

Working in a small school system has afforded me many opportunities to meet and collaborate with different people.  I have gained a new insight into this community and the needs of the majority.  Through my education, I have also gained skills in active listening, being non-judgmental, and meeting people where they are, and receiving feedback openly.