What type of utility assistance do you provide?

Similar to our rent/mortgage assistance, we can help pay a utility bill that is past due, or that you cannot pay for the upcoming month. This includes gas, electric, propane or even wood if that is your main source of heat. Payment will be made directly to utility provider. Please call 970-557-3186 to schedule an appointment. Assistance for utilities can be given no more than once every 12 months. 

What type of housing assistance do you provide?

MFC can help cover a portion of a mortgage or rent payment if you are behind or worry that you will not be able to make an upcoming payment. If you need this type of assistance, please call us at 970-557-3186 to schedule an appointment with one of our Family Development Coordinators. The earlier you come to us for help, the better, as it can sometimes take several days to work through the details and logistics. All payments are made directly to the landlord/mortgage company, and we can usually only cover a portion of the payment, depending on how much is owed. The purpose of this program is to help Grand County residents stay in their homes, therefore, you must have lived in the county for at least six months to be eligible for assistance, and no funds are available to acquire new housing (we can’t pay security deposits or first month’s rent). Assistance for rent/mortgage can be given no more than once every 12 months.