As the former president of the Grand County Council on Aging, Kelly decided to join the MFC Board when the two organizations merged in order to continue her work with our seniors.  Her other volunteer work has included NSCD, Grand County Advocates, Young Life, The Bridge Grand County, Winter Park Christian and 2 mission trips to Nicaragua.

Kelly is a single mom of two beautiful daughters, both in college, and has been working for Devil’s Thumb Ranch for almost 4 years coordinating banquets through the Catering Department. She grew up in Lakewood, and her family spent most of the time as the ‘weekend warriors’ skiing Winter Park.  Her passion for skiing continued through her teenage years and she became a ski instructor with her father, sister and brother.  After college and an extended stay in Maui, she has now lived in the valley for over 25 years.

 Depending on the season, you can find Kelly on skis, a snowboard or Nordic equipment followed by warmer temperature road bike and mountain bike rides, hiking, running and water sports. She has adopted a whole-food plant-based lifestyle and continues her education on nutrition.

Kelly is excited that MFC and GCCA have joined forces to be a complete organization that supports people of all ages-from birth through the Golden Years- in our county.