Julie is originally from England, graduating from The Royal Masonic and Roehampton School of Nursing in London. After graduation, Julie moved to Canada to work with First Nations communities and in Toronto hospitals. In 2001, Julie moved to Parshall and is currently a Registered Nurse with Northwest Colorado Health. Her background as an RN includes a wide variety of experiences in both urban and rural clinics.

Mountain Family Center was happy to bring Julie on as our Impact Study Coordinator in March of 2019. Through this position, Julie is able to introduce new clients to Mountain Family Center, help them identify their goals and obstacles, and help us understand how effective our services are, so we can better support our community and all of the families we serve.

Outside of work, Julie is an active member of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and is currently in the Fellows program. She enjoys spending time with her husband on the family ranch in Parshall, growing irrigated hay as well as tree and forage species suited to high altitude climates.